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Company Profile

Your one stops solution for Education & Migration Services in Australia and around the world.It was formed in November 2008 originally for the purpose to help migrate skilled people and recruit quality international students to study in Australia.

Established in 2008, NEPCOMS SERVICES is a professional International Education & Migration Services based in Sydney. It has its branch offices in Nepal, India, Philippines, New Zealand and Bangladesh, Mongolia.

We specialise in providing admissions in Australia and New Zealand. We also assist international educational institutes in student recruitment, market research, institutional tie-ups, and exploring new business opportunities.

We trust that international education provides opportunities to students to experience quality education, distinctive societies and perspectives in life. Thus, we promote internationally recognized educational institutes to international students. Studying abroad is one of the life’s most rewarding challenges. We help students to make the right choices to earn a recognised degree.


Our Mission

We guide and empower students to realize their education and migration aspiration by offering credible information. We support students and individuals during the process of admission or application so that they can rely on us and be free of the stress.



All of our actions are guided by the utmost ethical codes of integrity, honesty and transparency. We aim and strive for the excellence in all of the services that we provide because we are mindful of the possible impact of our action on the lives of people.


Our Business Goals & Objectives

  • Increasing our niche in the area of international education.
  • Endeavouring to strengthen the bridge between the educational institutes and international students.
  • Provide students with various opportunities to explore global business markets such that they gain unique learning experience.
  • Provide professional assistance to develop strategies for institutes to recruit students from international markets and assist them in building their brand and expand their market share.
  • Assisting and supporting institutes to establish and expand the new and present business in the field of student recruitment in Asian, South American and European markets. We use effective channels and tools to meet today’s marketing and recruitment objectives.
  • Assisting clients with visa applications and transition to studying in their country of choice.
  • Provide utmost personal services with honesty and integrity.
  • Provide advice regarding the lifestyle and cost of living abroad.
  • Maintain regular contact with clients, providing assistance should they have any problems or general queries whilst they are abroad.
  • Adhere to rules and regulations set out in the contracts of our education providers and partners.


Services we offer

  • Comprehensive group or individual counselling to assist students with selection of course & Institution thatfulfil their requirements.
  • Arrange admissions in to respective institutions.
  • Provide accurate and authentic advice on the outcome of the course, including information on settlement/ work permit opportunities available to students.
  • Provide full information, formats, and documentation requirements for student visa.
  • Provide support in finding Jobs, interview preparation and Resume development.
  • Organize travel, foreign exchange, airport pick-up, and temporary accommodation.
  • Visitor Visas for Dependants and Parents of Students currently studying or Settled in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Student Dependant Visas for Spouse and Dependants of Students currently studying in Australia.
  • Spouse Dependant Visas for Dependants of Students who have already obtained Permanent Residencyor Citizenship in Australia.
  • Parent Migration for Parents of students settled in Australia
  • Migration Visas for Selected Skilled Occupations for Australia.

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